This Year’s Hits

In case you missed them, here are this year’s hits on Caleb Coy Blog:

“Oh, So You’re Telling Me Boys are Toxic?”

“Dispute it like a man.”
“I shall do so,
but I must also feel it as a man.”
-MacBeth, Act 4, Scene 3

The Ballistic Pruning Accord: A Comprehensive Plan for Reducing Gun-Violence in America

An outline for a comprehensive plan that involves everyone doing their part.

Butler’s Parable of the Sower: Your Walls Won’t Keep You Safe

When I read Octavia E. Butler’s Parable of the Sower in preparation for John Green’s latest season of Crash Course: Literature, I was first drawn by the Biblical parallel in the title. In what way was this going to be like the parable of the sower?

Down and Out and Mourning Bourdain

“Somewhere, in the darkest part of their hearts, all cooks know how different they are from everybody else and relish their apartness.”

13 Things Romans 13 Doesn’t Say

Romans 13:1 is an oft-quoted passage in Christian scriptures. A small sentence nestled in the middle of a powerful letter from Paul the Apostle to a church in Rome, these few words have been taken to mean a lot of things they simply could not mean in the context of the letter, Paul’s other letters, the entire body of New Covenant scripture, or the whole Bible.

Seek the Shalom of Nations

Seek the shalom of America. Pray to the LORD for America, for if America has peace and prosperity, you too will have peace and prosperity.

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