Responding to Violence In Churches

The past few weeks I have been hurt to see the news of church shooting incidents. Times like these may rock our faith. Sometimes this means feeling intimidated, insecure. Sometimes this means questioning our commitment to peace. Sometimes this means fearing that some sort of change is coming we can’t handle.

I thought of responding myself, but I was overcome with assurance by the words of others recently. And so, this week’s post includes three links to wonderfully penned articles in response to the troubling events that have shaken U.S. Christians this month.

sutherland-springs-shootingFrom the blog Kingdom Seeking, K Rex Butts writes “The Battle Belongs to the Lord,” a plea to remember what our role is in responding to violence.
The Battle Belongs to the Lord



In a perspective by Russel Moore published in The Washington Post, “Why Church Shootings Don’t Intimidate the Church,” we are treated to an assurance that when the Church is being the Church, violence will never make us waver from our commitment to live out the Kingdom.

Thirdly, news article by Daniel Burke reminds us of “the Truth About Church Shootings,” which, I’ll summarize, is a reminder that there is no reason to be paranoid of these recent shootings as a sign that greater persecution is coming soon to the U.S.

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