Jesus Offends Me

I find Jesus to be very offensive.

He says some things sometimes that just sound downright disrespectful. Insensitive, even.

brooklyn_museum_-_the_pharisees_and_the_saduccees_come_to_tempt_jesus_28les_pharisiens_et_les_saducc3a9ens_viennent_pour_tenter_jc3a9sus29_-_james_tissot_-_overallHe comes off at times like he is ungrateful for the contributions of those around him. He even sounds inconsiderate, against common propriety. He makes a scene. He disrupts my sense of security.

He tells me if my eyes offend me, the wise thing to do would be to just go and pluck it out. He once seemingly insinuated that a woman was like a dog. He tells me that calling someone a fool can possibly send me to hell. He tells someone grieving that burying the dead isn’t as important as following him. He equates remarried divorcees with adulterers. Tells me to hate my family, and that I have to be perfect.

Jesus offends me sometimes. Of course, all these sayings have a context, a situation, a culture, a translation, an application that can reconcile them with the Jesus I envision based on his less offensive, more acceptable attributes. But then again, some of those attributes I find more appealing others find offensive.

Jesus is who he is, said what he said, did what he did, and will always be what he always has been. Sometimes he offends me, sometimes everything offends me but him. I need a savior that shakes me up. I love him for shaking up those I know are wrong. But if I’m honest with myself, no matter how much it others me sometimes, I need him to shake me up also. He makes us question everything we might hold sacred.

Jesus can be really offensive.

That’s exactly what I need.

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