50 Differences Between Nehemiah’s Wall and Trump’s Wall

Some preachers have concluded that because Nehemiah built a wall for the Lord, and President Trump wants to build a wall for America, that somehow Trump’s wall is the will of God and Christians must support the effort, because Trump is God’s Nehemiah for America. Because Nehemiah and because a wall.

That is mostly where the similarities end. We could just as easily look at Jericho and say that because God made Jericho’s walls come tumbling down, God wants America’s walls to come tumbling down.

The duty of God’s people is to study the Word to show ourselves approved to God, not play a game of word association.

As a demonstration of how we must diligently study God’s word and apply it to today, here is a list of 50 differences between Nehemiah’s wall and Trump’s wall:





2 responses to “50 Differences Between Nehemiah’s Wall and Trump’s Wall

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  2. I think in a more simplistic general way, not “itemizing” each factoid. that the two do parallel in the way that Nehemiah had enemies that were angry and wanted to stop him from building the wall. And Trump wants to build a wall to keep our nation safe, but he has angered the “Sanballats” Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Trump since has gone down to see the border firsthand. Of course Trump will not read the Bible when or if the wall ever gets built, because doing so would only further infuriate the left, most of whom have given up on God or do not believe in a higher power other than the supreme court.IE: Roe v. Wade. I find that few Christians, Republicans and conservatives, support this law of the land . And it is supported by Democrats, leftists ,media and Hollywood, and radical professors and the like. Gov. Cuomo signed into law that NY will now make it easier for abortions to an uproar of applause.
    God is against this and hates the killing of life. As was the practice in the old testament to sacrifice children to false gods. Well I seem to have strayed off the subject at hand ,sorry.

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