“Bed Made to Rest” A Lullaby for My Son

[The following is a lullaby written for my newborn son]


Bed Made to Rest

Beds are made for us to rest in
So the Lord made one for me
Sheep are counted by the shepherd
Ninety-nine and one are free

Songs of angels otherworldly
Sang to me in mother’s arms
Guide me into slumber silent
Made to feel thus rightly warm

Just as early morning loyal
Wakes my loved one with a kiss
Blanket like the dew removing
God grant us more days like this

No more fear the charge of thunder
Sent by He who made the lamb
We will never be forsaken
Faithful to the great “I am”

As the lamb caught in the thicket
Offered in the young boy’s stead
God provides up on the mountain
In the valley makes my bed

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