What I think when an abortion clinic is bombed during an Islamic terrorism crisis on Thanksgiving

I think to myself, when will we American Christians see the irony?

When we label Islam a violent religion with no teachings of peace, when we use violent rhetoric to attack doctors who perform abortions, when we treat refugees like potential threats to a country defined by mass immigration—what are we missing?

Why does the word “terrorism” not show up enough when an abortion clinic is bombed or shot at?

Why is Planned Parenthood blamed by the right for the shooting?

Why is the right blamed by Planned Parenthood for the shooting?

Why don’t we consider that hatred and irresponsible speech are at the core of the shooting?

Why do American men with rifles stalk women in hijabs while claiming their brothers are fighting in another country for the freedom of women not to walk around in hijbas followed by men with rifles?

Why did my friends—why did I—share post after post about why it’s so important to let Syrian refugees in, but hardly say anything about why we need to decry anti-abortion terrorism?

Why would a pro-life politician think the day after a shooting at an abortion clinic would be the best time to criticize abortion clinics?

Why is it that since 1977 more people have died from anti-abortion terrorism (8) than from any terrorism at the hands of Syrian refugees (0)?

Why is it that millions of unborn children are killed every year in the U.S.?

And why did not enough people care that Planned Parenthood was—no matter how you define it—selling baby parts?

Why did we reject refugees on Thanksgiving while celebrating the one time when a mass of people came over just to conquer this continent?

Why did we let a historically blundered holiday created by a President 150 years after its alleged ceremonial inception to insulate us from a tragedy that should call us to question all this and more?

Why do so many who wish for refugees fleeing for their life to be let in this country not consider how many unborn children holding on for dear life should be let into the world?

When are we going to gain a moral footing to be able to make conscionable decisions about anything?

Why are so many Americans upset about unborn children being killed in a clean environment, and yet completely fine with post-born children being killed by a U.S. drone bomber?

Why is America a worse enemy to its own children and to refugees than it is to ISIS?

Or at least, why does it seem this way?

Why should we be talking about a man’s HIV-positive status just because ehe is a celebrity?

Why do I sometimes feel like I don’t deserve a second helping, or a third, or a fourth?

America, we will not wait for you. We will move onward. Please catch up.

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