Questions from my author AMA QnA

What has changed the most about your religious views in the past 10 years?

In the past 10 years, I do not know if one thing in particular has changed. Overall, my understanding of religion has grown more complex, deep, and understanding of where people come from who disagree with me.

As an inexperienced author, what did you find to be the most challenging part of writing the novel? 

The most challenging part of the writing itself is the lack of having a certified professional (agent, editor) supervise the work before publication. I had to rely on my own experience and wits, from what I gleaned from getting a Masters in English, reading novels, reading magazines about writing, and sharing writing with other aspiring writers.

As one who supported your book (shouldn’t be hard to figure out who I am), who is your favorite character from your favorite book, and why?

How was your experience using crowd funding to fund this novel? Would you consider using it again for future novels/projects? Also how critical was a successful campaign in actually seeing your project come to fruition?
The crowdfunding was a mixture of experiences. I have experience writing, but none managing a fundraising campaign. I do not consider myself naturally business savvy. A successful campaign was very critical, but I also set the bar low. I raised only enough money to meet the initial cost for production, which was under a thousand, as well as meeting the perks for the fundraisers and purchasing contest entries, copies for reviewers, etc.

How do you think schools are handling today’s curriculum for English? Are standards keeping up with linguistic and grammatic change (for example, the idea of ending a sentence with a proposition used to be considered the height of bad writing, but now is more widely accepted in everyday use)?

As far as prepositions go, I haven’t seen that as part of something to teach kids in a long time, thankfully. I’ve been teaching full-time for only 2 years, but in my experience I have much freedom to craft my curriculum. The issue is two-fold 1) How do I prepare them for a work environment? I may think it’s okay for them to say “ain’t,” but what about writing it? and 2) What about the things they will encounter on the standardized test? Our culture in general seems to be moving more toward accepting dialects, and education seems to be catching up.

As far as writing is concerned, what are your plans for the future? Any more books in the works? 

A writer doesn’t tease too much. I will say this: I have written other long works, and they are forthcoming sometime in the future. There will be no sequel to this book, but I have an idea in the works that could be considered a spiritual sequel, fitting the same audience. Like this work, it would be for New Adults, intellectual in nature, and have satirical elements.

Crowd funded as well? 

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