Coming Soon: A premiere, genuine, Caleb Coy Novel

Very soon, you will hear the announcement.

We here at Caleb Coy blog have been working day in, day out to produce a novel of sorts.

It will arrive this summer. In fact, here’s your first tease—a sketch by a Nashville graphic artist currently working on our cover.unnamed-1

How will we know about it? Subscribe to this blog, if you haven’t already. Subscribe to my Twitter (which you can find running below my stately picture in the right column). You will soon be invited to participate in a novel experience.

Unlike most of the novels you see in stores, this novel will not pass through the grindings of a traditional publisher. This novel will take passage through a more recently carved path—that of digital self publishing, specifically, by way of crowdfunding.

Using IndieGoGo, Caleb Coy is going to sell preordered copies of his brand new novel in order to crowd fund its production. It is in the spirit of the novel itself, and its narrator, to bring the story to the public in such a fashion. In other words, YOU can make this novel happen before it even happens.

Stay tuned. This novel is so hip it hasn’t even been published yet. Be one of the first to preorder it, and you can enjoy one of many upcoming perks.

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