1 Timothy 5:8 and Self Defense

In his blog From Dust, Carl Jenkins examines the common perception that 1 Tim. 5:8 is talking about self defense.

From Dust

       My last post dealt with a passage that is often used to advocate the Christian’s right to defend oneself to the point of taking another’s life. The point of that post, as well as this one, was not to try and “convert” anyone to a position that denies the right of a Christian to defend their self of others in a way that willingly takes human life, but rather to evaluate the text in it’s context and see if it does or does not say anything about Christians and self-defense. My conclusion was that it says nothing either way about the issue. This post is in the same vein, in that it will focus on a particular verse (I Timothy 5:8) that is often used in the discussion of defending one’s self or loved ones through taking the life of someone trying to do you harm.

But if anyone…

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