I Now Have 100 Subscribers!

I am here to announce a special milestone in my blog.  After going at it for a year and a half, I can say that my blog now has a hundred listed subscribers!

Want to help me reach 200?  500?  1,000?  Be sure to subscribe and share my blog with others!

The 100th follower door prize goes to Jenny Martin, a mentor of mine during my stint at Virginia Tech’s Master’s in Education Program.  Jenny taught me and my cohort the arts of engaging adolescents in literature.  She had a calmness and positivity that I took into my teaching as well, and encouraged our creativity whenever we experimented with applied pedagogy and emerging technologies.  Here’s to you, Jenny, for making it 100!  And for being a terrific “Virgil” through my second Master’s.

And a big thank you to all those who have been supporting my blog.  I’ve tried to keep it thematically consistent, though I’ve continued to cover topics ranging from literature to Christian spirituality to education to music to politics to films to language and culture.  I hope I am able to please my followers with topics that interest them.

Have a good weekend!

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