Just.  Be. Thankful.

All the time.

Today especially, because it has become a day of dedication in our national conscience.

But don’t only be thankful, because an expression of thankfulness is in vain if not living and active.

Thankfulness involves not taking our blessings for granted. It means not abusing them. It means not wasting them. It means not using them only for yourself. It means using them wisely.

The number one thing people seem to be thankful for on this day, at least, what we express, is family.  If we are thankful for family, we will show it.

Let’s all think about that as we sit with family to eat.  And not just our family.

Think about that when you wake up to shop for a great deal for your family tomorrow.  Think about that as you make the decisions that you do in order to obtain those gifts.  After all, if you’re going through all this to get a good deal, you’re not doing it for family.  You’re doing it for yourself.  So don’t go overboard, and don’t forsake your family or your integrity.

Happy Turkey!

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