Pat Robertson is a false prophet: Not that this is anything new

We don’t really pay attention to Pat Robertson.  Me and the people I know.  Goobers that we are, we’re wise enough to know he is incapable of being trusted about anything remotely spiritual.  In fact, one could create a guide on how to be a good Christian by merely saying, “don’t act like this man at all.”

But Pat Robertson isn’t Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist.  WBB is rather benign, since there is a small number of them and nobody takes them seriously.  No, Robertson is much worse.  He commands a media empire, and countless people look up to him.  Professed Christians are looking up to a servant of Shaitan.

I am not exaggerating his nature, nor am I joking.  Pat Robertson is one of the Devil’s most powerful allies.  His first step to redeeming himself will be to shut his filthy mouth before God.  Why am I saying this so publicly and so harshly?  Because his sins are very public.  And  he claims to be a servant of God.  And he has a great influence.

But why?  When someone asks you about this Pat Robertson guy, they’re asking about a man who holds influence over Christians, who claims to speak for them and their God, who people see, who leads many.  It is enough to ignore him, but it also helps to declare what he is and why he is doing the work of Shaitan.  We can’t merely ignore false prophets.  We have to expose them.  And even though it may be that everyone who reads this post already well knows the foolishness that Robertson has brought into the world, if one soul is helped by this post, then it is worth it.

It is enough that in 1976 he said the world would end in 1982.  It didn’t.  Those who followed them, all of them, should have packed their bags and left.  But too many didn’t.  And after each of the false prophecies he’s made since, people still cling to him.  If a man claims to speak for God, and he makes a specific prophecy that is not contingent on repentance, and that prophecy is not fulfilled, he is a fraud.  It is very simple.  Yet people still follow Pat Robertson.

Robertson’s 700 Club program and his “Christian coalition” group share great responsibility in fostering the growth of the “Christian right” movement in the last half century, tainting the reputation of Christianity with nationalist, ultra-conservative, politically skewed version of Gospel.

Robertson is also guilty of another public fraud.  He told viewers of his show that he was sending planes to send relief supplies to Rwanda to aid victims of genocide.  Although that much was accountably true, he used some of those plains to send mining equipment to Liberia.  Ananias and Sapphira made a similar decision.

Robertson has rendered himself incapable of preaching peace or engaging in reality because of his warped eschatology.  He believes that one day the entire world will battle around Jerusalem, and that Judgement Day hinges on this battle, and that this means that all governments must support Israel in any military endeavor in order to ensure a positive outcome of events.  Since God has not given any man such a vision, it is false.

And then there are the things that he has said.  People say stupid things every day.  I’ve heard a racist, judgemental, completely off-base comment from everyone I know at least once, including myself (many times).  But here is a man who puts himself in a position asking us to assume that he speaks for God to the Christian world at large, not to mention the whole world at large.  Some of these things he even claims to prophecy.  So let’s see what wrong things he has said:

*He has said that if your wife gets Alzheimer’s, it’s perfectly fine to divorce her.
*He has said that we can choose not to be nice to some people
*He has claimed that he knows exactly which groups of people are responsible for what he calls 9-11 as an act of God’s wrath.  He has agreed with Falwell that “pagans, abortionists, feminists, gays, lesbians, the ACLU and the People for the American Way” were the reason 9-11 happened.

*He made a similar statement about Haiti after the earthquakes.
*He has said that it would be a good thing to blow up a nuclear bomb which would kill innocent people.

*And just recently he made one of the most anti-Christ statements he has ever made:
“You don’t have to take on someone else’s problems. I mean you really don’t. You can go help people. You can minister to people . . . but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m going to take all the orphans around the world into my home.”

I don’t know where to begin with what’s wrong that statement.  In sum, it is the exact same thing as telling Jesus “I hate you an wish you never came to this earth.”  In addition, he is saying, “never adopt a child unless they are perfect, have no defects, and are the same as you ethnically.”

I know people who have adopted children with special needs, and they are the kingdom of Heaven.

If you give money to Pat Robertson’s cause in any way, cease immediately.  Your money will be better spent on adopting a child he tells you to neglect.  He has told us to worship the golden calf of wealth for too long.

Pat Robertson, I don’t care how old you are, how much money you’ve given to any cause, or how much power you think you have.  I love you, and I want God to bless you.  I want the best for you, and that means that I want you to do the work of God, and to do it well.  But you’re not.  And you need to be harshly ridiculed.  So if I ever see you face-to-face, the first thing I’m going to tell you is to shut your filthy mouth before God.

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