The CIA created Al Qeada, and other true things

This ain’t no conspiracy; it’s just how things are.  The CIA created Al Qaeda during the Cold War to fight the Russians.  Now our empire is fighting Al Queda if Afghanistan, but attempting to aid them in a fight against Syria at the same time.  Don’t trust the empire.  It’s time the empire left places it should not be.  It’s time to bring the boys back home.  It’s time to stop sinning against the world in hopes that it won’t sin back.  Don’t worship the idol of militarism, folks.

NDAA 2012 gives our president the power to secretly and indefinitely detain or assassinate any US citizen who is working with Al Qaeda.  Let him sent the first precedent by having himself detained and all those in D.C. responsible for sending military aid to Al Qaeda.  I do not believe in assassination, so I will not recommend that.

East Asia today; Eurasia tomorrow.

Interestingly enough, Fox 19 isn’t actually even owned by Fox.  If it was, this guy would probably be fired by now.

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