Enter the Goober

Behold, a great goober!

Me GravThus has been signaled my new (and more permanent) blog, as well as the welcoming of my new son to the world (for those of you who didn’t know, I had a son a month ago today).

Our first Father’s Day brings a reflection of the first month: Eat, sleep, lose sleep, adore baby, watch baby eat and sleep and poop.  Stay up letting him sleep on me while I play Skyrim so his mother can sleep.  Go to class to learn how to teach grammar—not the Miss Fiddlesnitch way, banging a ruler on the desk and telling the little farmer’s son there’s something wrong with him for saying “ain’t”, but rather teaching kids to code-switch to talk like Miss Fiddlesnitch so prejudiced crackers can give them a job.

So on Father’s Day four generations assembled in one house: Noah, myself, my dad, my granddad.  My mother took a picture.  It was monumental to say the least.  I really am ushering in a new chapter in my life.  Gonna take a few things more seriously.  Gonna take a few things less seriously.  Gonna take time to rethink some things.  Begin some things anew.  And some things gonna keep doing the same, and not cease at.

I’ll talk on some things or others.  The topics will relate mostly to the spiritual, but what I have learned is that all things are spiritual, have a spiritual dimension.  There is no such thing as a “spiritual topic”, but rather topics that we either suck the spirit out of or simply talk on without regards to their spiritual dimension or application.  I’ll ramble some days and tweet the other.  That reminds me, up next is a twitter.  I need to crawl out of this cave.  My grandfather is catching up with me, learning how to use e-mail and whatnot.  Just yesterday he was sending smoke signals.  I can’t imagine what Noah will be using when he’s my age.

So welcome to my new blog.  Read.  Interact.  Share.  And by all means, keep your comments to yourself.  Then, after about fives minutes have passed, return to your computer, review your comment, and post it.  This isn’t YouTube, for crying out loud.  There are consequences.

-Caleb Coy signing out

One response to “Enter the Goober

  1. Can’t wait to watch you during the wonderful journey of parenthood. Life will never be the same … in the best way imaginable. Looks like we’ve been blessed with good kids. Although, I’ve only seen Noah asleep. So, can’t really rate him on the “hellion” meter yet. But, if he’s anything like his daddy … he will be one cool little kiddo. Can’t wait for “Aunt Dee Dee” (or whatever I am to the little booger) to teach him how to rub snot on his arm. Payback is a …. blessing 🙂 hee hee. I may just buy him some drums, too, for Christmas one year.

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