Electing Faithfulness: Part 3: Respect the Charter

[Part 2: the Ron Paul Revolution]
“Why I believe Ron Paul respects the US Constitution much more than Romney or Obama”
“Why it is important for each country to respect it’s original charter” (except in cases when a generation sincerely affirms that they have outgrown and risen above a certain law, for morally prescribed reasons, such as when a charter says “the king shall get to kill anyone he wants” and they later decide that is not a good power)

Ron Paul is not a Republican or a Democrat, but a professed Christian and a Constitutionalist.  He tried to run on a Republican this past go around but was rejected in favor of Romney.  He has historically run as a Libertarian on an Independent ticket.  I know a lot of people don’t like his affiliation with the unpredictable pack of angry wolves known as the Tea Party.  Keep in mind, he didn’t give birth to the Tea Party, he was just the one in the delivery room.  It was raised by men such as Glenn Beck and Alex Jones.
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Electing Faithfulness: Part 1: Considering Third Roads

Considering Third Roads
What’s Wrong with These Guys?
Egyptians or Amorites?  Who’s it Gonna Be?

You heard a debate the other day.  It was between two guys likely to take the role of single individual holding the most official power in America.  Seems like a big deal.  It is, in a way, but when you look at the big picture, it ends up not being much of one at all.  Still, a pretty big deal.

So many of you will likely think of picking choice A or B.  I see why.  I mean, this is how the game seems to work, right?  People give you two choices and you pick one of them.  And to be fair, in all likelihood, it will be one of these two fellas.  That’s how the system tends to work.  I will tell you now that I don’t intend on voting for either of these guys.

One way in which it has been explained is this:

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Fires Will Rise: Batman Review and Commentary

[I’ll tell you when the spoilers come.  You’re good for now.]
I’ve been incredibly impressed with these Batman movies.  I wasn’t a real avid comic reader as a kid, but they were part of my literacy experience.  Comics aren’t just stuff for kids and nerds, but the hieroglyphics of our age.  They’re fantastic stories with words and images that speak of the human condition.  Maybe a thousand years from now people will think Comic Con was a pilgrimage to worship American gods.  Ironically, though no sane adult would claim to believe these worlds are real, we do let them affect them as reality too often.  Fiction and fantasy.  Fun and fear.  It can inspire.  It can also reflect some of the worst in us.

The film is about revolution, about the livelihood of a city, a community, about the investments people make in a community, about the consequences of our decisions, or our lack of decisions.  It’s about what happens when we hide the truth, when we hide behind masks, hide underground, hide in our money, our castles.  It’s about punishment.  It’s about redemption.  About rising.

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